my mouth wants to be on you, and my hands want to feel you
those beautiful boobs and nipples
wanna kiss your thighs
tease your clit
start slow with one finger, gonna taste it, then go inside and find just that right spot
see how wet you are :)
fingers inside and thumb on the clit pinching and rubbing just right
mouth on the nipple, little bites and pulls
in and out and in and out until you start to buck against my hand
my mouth on your clit, flicking and playing with my tongue
tasting your juices, fingers going faster and faster
you breathlessly moaning for me to stop but go on
tongues tasting each others with your warm pussy juices intermingled
in and out rubbing your gspot and clit in one motion, faster and faster
youre getting so wet, we’ll have to change the sheets
i start to rub around your asshole, using your own pussy juices as a lube, i slowly press my finger inside your ass
now i’ve got 1 in the ass and two inside your pussy, and still my thumb finds your clit faster and faster
pumping and thrusting and causing such wet delicious sloppy sounds
you push against my hand urging me on, the feeling youre craving is just so close
moaning my name asking me to wait a second, but I dont wait, I pump my fingers faster and faster inside your sweet pussy
in and out in and out in and out until finally you cant hold back and you drench my arm and face with more wetness than youve ever had
I taste your sweetness on my tongue as I greedily lick up all of you and come up for such a wet sloppy pussy flavored kiss
you like that?
cause I’m gonna make you squirt ;)
I bet you taste so gooood!

OMG love it! And I would suck your dick like it has never been sucked before!! Who can top this?

Anonymous asked:

Girl, your tits and nipples are so hot!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯I'd love to share a fat cock with you and lick every drop of cum from your hot nipples then lick that cream into your juicy pussy lips...πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

Wow thank you